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Complete workout that improves coordination, balance, flexibility and strength to increase performance and reduce the risk of injury.

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Fun and effective training with the use of the treadmill to improve coordination, balance and endurance. Particularly suitable for those with lower limb problems, it stimulates lymphatic circulation and tones legs, buttocks and abdomen. Through the use of small tools, the upper limbs and all the muscles of the abdominal belt are also trained. All in time with the music!

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Undecided whether to attend a course on land or one in the water?

Then this is the right alternative for you!

30 minutes of aerobic and dry toning training + 30 minutes of water training

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Medium / high intensity training that includes multi-joint and multi-directional exercises.

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I work repeatedly to the rhythm of the music, using small tools.

The aim is to tone the body completely and evenly.

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Functional work to the rhythm of music using small tools.

The aim is to tone and reshape the body by activating the microcirculation.

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It is a course that takes its cue from athletic training, involves training in stations to be repeated one or more times, trying to condition all basic general skills such as organic endurance, strength and flexibility.

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It aims to train the muscles of the whole body; represents the evolution of free body lessons and with small tools, it allows you to improve muscle tone, flexibility, endurance, balance. Other benefits that can be had are improved posture, weight loss and weight loss with daily stress reduction.

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Group activity suitable for everyone and for all ages. Find and maintain your psychophysical well-being with a sequence of free body exercises on land and in water, with the use of small and large tools. You will regain vigor and agility.

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Aquapilates transfers the cardinal principles of the Pilates method into the water (breathing, core control, axial lengthening, shoulder-to-humeral girdle work, spinal mobilization, concentration and precision, fluidity). Natural movements and positions, integrated by a deep psychophysical concentration, with the benefits of immersion.

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Fun aerobic activity carried out on a particular aquatic treadmill. Particularly suitable for those with lower limb problems, it stimulates lymphatic circulation and tones legs, buttocks and abdomen. Suitable for everyone regardless of aquatic abilities and age.


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It is the water version of gentle gymnastics. Low intensity work with exercises aimed at joint mobility and muscle and joint strengthening. The main objective is to ensure global well-being by exploiting the positive element such as water.

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It is a cardiovascular discipline that, through the use of a special bike, allows you to tone and massage through a natural drainage of the lower limbs and abdominals with the aim of also improving the cardiovascular system.


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Tonicity and firming
It is a water gymnastics course aimed at toning and firming muscles, improving the circulatory system and lymphatic drainage. The exercises are performed to the rhythm of music and in partial weightlessness, and are therefore also suitable for those who want to work without large joint or lumbar loads.

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What is that. The Pilates method, or simply Pilates, is a training system that aims to strengthen the body, shape it, correct posture and improve the fluidity and precision of movements. It takes its name from Joseph Pilates, who in the first half of the 20th century developed it and fine-tuned the machinery necessary for its practice, using it to rehabilitate war veterans and train dancers and athletes.

What is it for?

Pilates aims to strengthen the body without excessively increasing muscle mass, to develop fluidity and precision of movements, to improve or correct posture with a work centered on the abdominal and dorsal regions.

The Method aims to achieve these objectives by performing slow movements, maintaining great concentration and attention to breathing, so that physical activity results in a greater awareness of one's body and the movements that are made.


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